Bicycles are Your Friends: Peloton Musique

The whir of spokes slicing air, crank and shaft rotation, the sprickity-sprock as chain catches teeth, torque coupling — who says bicycles aren’t sexy? For its inaugural release, rough-riding Seattleite Peloton Musique invited producers to use samples of spoke plucks, bicycle-pump valves, brake compression, and hissing sprockets. Artful production shenanigans, chin-scratching time signatures, and Kompakt-like romps abound on selections from heavyweights Markus Nikolai, Lusine, Jeff Samuel, Let’s Go Outside, and Twerk. Misha’s “Knickabocka” is awash in sunshine, with uplifting pads and rhythmic clicks propelling the track forward; Nordic Soul’s “BMX Love Machine” evokes a BMX wet dream with minimal torsion, laser sounds, and polished vocoder lyrics. The bonus CD ventures into experimental work, including a dubbed-out cover by Monsieur Leisure. Ultimately, Peloton’s nod to cycling and community produces a kinetic energy that promises to replenish even the most wary bike believers.

Check the Peloton and Decibel Festival sites for information on the upcoming Peloton Musique Showcase at Seattle’s Decibel Festival this September. This article is published in Earplug.


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